ICON-Selections over ons chrysanten veredelaar Colombia

About ICON-Selections

ICON-Selections S.A.S. is an independent Chrysanthemum breeder in Colombia, South America and established in 2014 and statutory based in Bogota.We breed and test cut-Chrysanthemums in Colombia and in Holland.

ICON-Selections also tests, selects, promotes and sells Roses, Alstroemeria, Asters, Solidago varieties from Dutch breeders in the natural circumstances under which our customers grow flowers in South-America.

ICON-Selections has been established through collaboration with Colombian growers and wholesalers in the United States. Together with our partners we have more than 1000Ha of flowers in Colombia and Ecuador and supply more than 25% of the total flower trade to the United States.

ICON-Selections in the Netherlands is an independent company testing and commercializing the Chrysanthemum varieties from ICON-Selections globally.

ICON-Selections over ons chrysanten veredelaar Colombia


Like an icon on your desktop, ICON-Selections serves as a reference to varieties. We aim that our varieties be a reference to your flower assortment. Our orientation is a support for future growers of ICON varieties.

The supply of cut chrysanthemums varieties has become a melting pot of an enormous amount of choices, a chaos of tastes and requirements. Through our worldwide breeding -and selection programs in Colombia and Holland, we are capable to offer you technically iconic varieties that are tested under equatorial and western circumstances.

Flower wholesalers and designers in USA and EU have presented the consumer demands to us. We always aim to offer a broad pallet of textures, colors, shapes and sizes in our assortment so that all the wishes of a true flower connoisseur will be met. Iconic and fascinating….

ICON-Selections achtergrond assortiment referentie
ICON-Selections over ons chrysanten veredelaar Colombia


At ICON-Selections sustainability is our most important criteria.

To create and develop sustainable varieties with added value, this way they can become iconic. By selecting with future demands we can develop varieties which can contribute and add to the existing market.

  • Sustainable varieties
  • Combination of natural and artificial selection (climate conditions for future proof varieties)
  • That exceed technical and commercial expectations.
  • Consistent and support quality

We want to further develop and select iconic varieties by thoroughly testing them in the fields and with wholesalers. At ICON-Selections we value sustainable varieties, when planting our
varieties, you can be sure that your decision will have longevity because we tested them comprehensively.

Through globally stable and equivalent cooperation with growers and trading partners, we can make the best choices of varieties together.  Growers and wholesale can rely upon the fact that our varieties will surpass the demands of the commercial trade.

ICON-Selections visie duurzaamheid en consistentie in kwaliteit
Jan Haaksman Icon Selections S.A.S

Jan Haaksman

Co-founder and spindle in the wheel at ICON-Selections is Jan Haaksman.

He has seen the world of Chrysanthemums, has researched world markets and advises growers in different countries. Jan also supports our breeding and selection in Colombia and Holland. He also supports the global sales of our varieties. Jan is a practical grower, grew up in South-Africa and worked for prominent breeders. If you have any inquiries you can always refer to him.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to make an inquiry, we try to answer as soon as possible.